FIGMENT is an annual celebration of creative culture on Governors Island in New York Harbor. It provides an open forum for artists, helps build a creative community and fosters participatory and public art. A broad spectrum of arts are represented, including sculpture, performance, music, installation, dance, costuming and activities. It is free and open to the public.

As a free, non-profit volunteer-planned event starring a legion of artists eager to share, FIGMENT hopes to advance social and personal transformation through creativity.

FIGMENT is a social and creative experience uninterrupted by commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising. Consider it a breath of fresh air in an era with so much emphasis on commercializing art and culture. Selling goods or services, soliciting donations and advertising are not permitted.

FIGMENT's artists are not paid, just like its planners and staff. They are motivated by a genuine desire to share their work with each other and the public. It embodies the Do It Yourself ethic and encourages everyone to exercise their imagination.

Many projects mirror the themes of FIGMENT itself. Interactive sculptures invite their viewer to participate and become part of the artwork. Activities, games, and performances interact with the crowd to get everyone excited. Much of the artwork is created collaboratively.

One of FIGMENT's goals is helping build community. With the high cost of living and commercialization of the art world, New York City can be a daunting place for artists. FIGMENT is created by a large network of people working together for the common good.

FIGMENT draws its name from New York's artistic heritage. Andy Warhol once commented that he'd like his tombstone to have only one word on it: “Figment.”