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City of Dreams Mini Golf Submissions

City of Dreams Mini Golf Call for Art

Note: Mini Golf Submissions for 2009 are now closed. Please write to info@figmentnyc.org for information on City of Dreams Mini Golf 2010.

The Project: Last summer, FIGMENT worked with the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation and Black Rock Arts Foundation to create a fully functional 9-hole mini golf course on Governors Island, combining recreational functionality with a unique participatory art project designed and built by local artists. The course was a huge success, in constant use throughout the entire season. This year, FIGMENT plans to expand the course to 18 holes. The course will be free and open to the public on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays while the island is open from the end of May to early October.

The Challenge: Design and construct a single hole for this mini golf course, following the theme “City of Dreams.” Designs will be judged and selected on creativity, structural integrity, playability, feasibility, adherence to theme and budget.

  • Creativity: Your piece should be visually stunning and wildly innovative.
  • Structural Integrity: Your piece must be able to withstand use by players of all ages and sizes, as well as three months’ worth of exposure to the elements. We will provide basic guidelines and minimums for safe construction of the platforms.
  • Playability: Mini golf should be fun, not frustrating. Please design a hole that you can sink consistently in 2-5 putts. Remember that young children still developing motor skills will be playing.
  • Feasibility: Please note that you will be responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, installation, and deinstallation of your piece. All 18 holes will be installed on Governors Island during the week of May 25-29 (dates to be confirmed). Holes must be designed to be disassembled. Deinstallation will occur during October 2009, exact dates TBD.
  • Adherence to Theme: “City of Dreams” is a deliberately open-ended theme and we encourage your unique interpretation.

The Location: Governors Island is located in the New York Harbor, approximately 1/2 mile from Lower Manhattan and 1/4 mile from Brooklyn. Its waterfront offers dramatic and impressive vistas of the New York skyline and New York Harbor, including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. In 2003, the Island was opened to the public with the mission of serving as a cultural and educational location for all New Yorkers.

Submit a Proposal

To submit a proposal, please respond with the following 6 things:

  1. Your name, address, email, and best phone number to reach you
  2. 1-3 artistic sketches of your proposed piece
  3. 1-3 sketches of piece’s structural elements
  4. Brief (100-500 words) description of how your artistic vision connects with the theme
  5. Brief construction/installation plan: Where will you build your piece? What resources do you need, or hope to share, to build and install the piece?
  6. Approximate budget for materials. Selected artists will be reimbursed for materials purchased up to a certain amount yet to be determined, pending successful grant applications. Last year all holes were built for under $1000 and we received enough grant funding to reimburse all artists in full. Any materials costs above budget are the responsibility of the artist.

Please submit your proposal by Monday, March 31 at 11:59 pm ET to minigolf@figmentnyc.org. Any questions should be directed to this address, as well.

Note: Mini Golf Submissions for 2009 are now closed. Please write to info@figmentnyc.org for information on City of Dreams Mini Golf 2010.

About FIGMENT: FIGMENT is an annual participatory arts event on Governors Island in New York Harbor. The mission of FIGMENT is to provide a forum for community-based participatory art and experience. FIGMENT strives to build community among artists and participants, to foster the participatory arts in New York City, and to demonstrate a vision for the future of Governors Island as an international arts destination. FIGMENT 2009 will take place on June 12-14. FIGMENT is a project of Action Arts League, and is produced by a coalition of volunteers in partnership with The Pure Project. For more information about FIGMENT, see www.figmentnyc.org. For more information about Governors Island, see www.govisland.com.

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